Best shredding machines for shredding card

So, what do you do with your cards if you make a mess of them?  Or you’ve marked them with this year’s date and suddenly you’re left with a load of stock with last year printed all over them?

One solution is obviously to recycle, taking them to your nearest recycling center in order for the cards to be pulped, or maybe turned into pet bedding.

Another, more creative solution is to invest in a shredding machine that you can use to shred the paper yourself.  In literally just a few minutes, you’ve gone from useless piles of scrap card to one of:

  • packaging
  • pet bedding
  • stuffing for craft projects
  • kindling / firelighters
  • new art materials

And best of all it’s completely free!  OK, a little electricity to pay for but it’s nothing in comparison.

Best paper shredder

Best paper shredder